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The Dreads

Mt. St. Kiddo's

Today we build a volcano.
And it erupted.
Again and again.
Who would have thought that food coloring would stain my hard wood floor;

I found a pill bottle in recycling and taped it to another recyclable container and we started to crumple and tape newspaper around the containers. We then covered the structure in tin foil, glue and sand. Added some playdough trees and the rest was soot and ash.

Clean Shave and A Haircut

My boys love to make a mess! Today's mess consisted of shaving cream, white glue, and the non-edible food coloring. Mix it all together and it makes a lovely puffy paint!
You don't need to wear the goggles but it is like science

and the little ones love their creativity too

Monkey Guts

Years ago I made the older two boys sock monkeys. These were a true green endeavor. I made them out of old Smart Wool socks that had otherwise died. Well, after 3 years Alder's monkey exploded (he had duel service as a "warmie." He was filled with rice and we'd pop him in the microwave to warm the kids beds.)

Yesterday I created a new one.
   and just because the boy is so cute here's Sun.


 For the first time in a very long time I am excited to be an American. I am not saying that I am thinking of moving to Canada. I have hope, here. 

We went today to a good friends home to watch the inauguration. The only part that the kids watched was when the helicopter was about to take off - and at that moment there was a line of children from 6 to 1 watching this important moment - take off. 

Today Alder got a membership to Ranger Rick with the following pledge;
Ranger Rick Pledge
Alder and Brooks both repeated these words and I told them that they were like our new president - they pledged nearly the same thing and both were very important. I have tears of joy and pride in my eyes for my children, their future and our country. 



It just so happens that Alder is a science geek. That's great news to both Jason and myself as we both have degrees in biology. Alder is constantly asking for experiments that he can do and for stuff to mix together.Anything. There was once a 3 day experiment with compost and vinegar. Yuck.

This week we started by soaking an egg in vinegar. it actually dissolves the shell. We have tried this now about 4 times as when the kids pick it up their little fingers puncture the soft shell that is remaining.

you can see here thought that the shell did not shatter - it just sort of popped.

We also tried putting the egg in water and also in a jar of dissolved sugar water.

in the water it sank                                                  in the sugar water the egg floated

what cool science.

Also, if you leave it in the sugar water or corn syrup long engouh there is somehting else in store... photo to follow when the experiment is complete.

Gluten-Free Play Dough

Today we got out the play dough that my mother made for Sun.
It was a hit!
Here are a couple of the kids creations - we find that googlie eyes are a must!


Making It All Up As I Go Along

Though I mean this in more the manner of parenting than in making dinner it is fitting for both today.

Dinner was fantastic; however, not what I had in mind. What did I have in mind? Nothing. What did I have on-hand... There are countless bags of frozen pumpkin puree left over from the fall harvest, frozen beans, canned corn, coconut milk, potatoes, no onions, beets, broccoli and about 5 different kinds of rice.

Here's what I came up with.

2 C pumpkin (or whatever kind of orange mash it was)
1 can lite coconut milk
1 c water
2/3 C white rice (it was an after thought as the stew was a bit runnier than I wanted)
- Oh look! Chipotle Sauce! (here's where things get interesting!)
        1/2 T Please!
I guess it is southwestern now may as well open a can of corn into a fry pan and brown it a bit and add that too.

Cook until its dinner time and the rice has absorbed the water, then...

Oh crud, the kids are hungry and this is way too hot (temperature-wise)

I guess I'll add some of those frozen black beans - that ought to cool it down.

Actually it really was quite tasty! I'll even make it again - on purpose.


 While visiting my parents home in NH today I took a moment to reassure my mother that Sun was not far from the growth curve. Boy, was I ever wrong. 

He's 15 mo. and 18.4 lbs. If he were 6 mo. he would be in the 50%. oops! But he is healthy (enough?) and happy as a dog. Really. He goes around on his hands and knees panting and barking and is sure to preform for anyone who comes to the door!

He may just get chubby yet eating the soup that Renee and I got together to make on friday. Talk about nourishment; cooking with a friend is good for the body, mind and spirit!